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Magnolia, TX Summer AC Maintenance: Essential Prep

Magnolia, TX Summer A/C Maintenance Prep

Magnolia, TX summer AC prep: What to Do?

Severe heat occurs when temperatures are 90° or higher for 2-3 days during which the high heat and humidity cause extreme discomfort to most and pose a health risk to some. Did you know 90% of homes in Magnolia have a severe heat factor?

Your body will work very hard to maintain a “normal” temperature during a heat wave. Your home’s cooling system will also work very hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Why We Have Higher Heat in Magnolia

Any day that feels like the temperature is 111° or higher is considered a hot day. This year, at least 7 days in Northwest Harris and Montgomery counties will be hot enough to be life threatening. However, the risk of severe home heat is higher for Magnolia than other Texas communities. 

Some of the factors contributing to a severe heat factor include:

  • Community layout – The way cities and communities are arranged and the spacing between buildings can impact heating and cooling. The way a neighborhood’s homes and structures are initially laid out can later contribute to higher temperatures by trapping heat and creating pockets of insulation that inhibit airflow.
  • Construction materials – Manmade materials can capture and reflect heat, even after sunset. Asphalt, concrete, glass, nylon, paper, plastic, and steel are examples of manmade materials used in home construction.
    Homes built from natural materials (earth, plants, or water elements) are easier to cool. Natural building materials can include bamboo, cork, earth, straw, and timber. You can also keep your cool using sustainable building materials. These can include hempcrete, mycelium, precast concrete, and recycled/reclaimed wood.
  • People & UHI – Body heat can make areas uncomfortably warm. Industry, manufacturing, and vehicular traffic contribute to higher temperatures. And you’ve noticed how active laptops, lights, and printers emit small amounts of heat, quickly warming a small home office. Our electronics and appliances can emit warmth.
    Houston is the most populous city in the South. Because Magnolia is in the Houston metropolitan area, in time we could experience urban heat island phenomenon as we lose our rural spaces. Magnolia, TX predicted growth is about 10% every year. We are becoming more populous…and hotter.

Plants & water – Plants and water absorb sunlight’s heat and reduce temperatures. Communities without substantial vegetation or without bodies of water have higher temperatures, so home cooling systems must work harder.

Have Your A/C Be Prepared For Hot & Hotter Days

Our friends up north winterize their homes every year, but you seldom hear about “summer-izing” to prepare for hot days in Magnolia. The key to managing high-heat days is preparation. 

Spring AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX is the most important way to reduce the risk of HVAC failure this summer. But there are additional things you can do to heat-proof your home.

  • Air filters – You may need to change air filters more often to lessen the additional work your cooling system is doing during summer.
  • Fans – Ceiling fans should be set to turn counterclockwise to create a “wind chill effect” in rooms. (In winter, clockwise will circulate warm air better.).
  • Lightbulbs – Halogen and incandescent lightbulbs put out more heat than you realize. Summer is a good time to switch to cooler, energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Thermostat – Make sure it’s properly programmed to reduce energy usage while you’re away from home.
  • Vents – Clean your room vents and keep the spaces around them clear of clutter. 
  • Windows & doors – Keep blinds and shades closed during the day to block heat. Window films can reduce 78% of the heat coming through glass panes. Check for and seal any air-leak gaps you find around windows and doors. 

This summer you should chill out! You can increase comfort with cold drinks. Freeze extra ice for high-use days and encourage family and friends to sip cool drinks all day, every day. However, strive to reduce alcohol consumption (alcohol makes it harder for your body to regulate its temperature) and even consider adding hydration packets to water bottles. Don’t get caught in a cool-air crisis this summer. Let our Country Air AC professionals make sure your cooling system is ready for the hottest days.

Stressed cooling systems can fail at inconvenient times. To learn more about 24/7 emergency AC service and repair in Magnolia, call 281-356-8564 or contact Country Air.


Two of the frequently asked questions we receive about AC problems in summer are:

The hotter and more humid it gets outside, the more difficult it becomes to maintain indoor air comfort. Your AC works a lot harder during extreme heatwaves in August. The mechanical stress can cause component failures and breakdowns.

Many cooling systems are designed to keep indoor air about 20° cooler than outside. But when the outdoor heat is extreme, you may have thermostat wars trying to overcome indoor discomfort. Top problems that can occur include:

  • Blocked drains
  • Clogged condenser coils
  • Fan failures
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant leaks

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