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HVAC Maintenance and Service: What We Do

There are many reasons why twice-a-year maintenance is recommended for your heating and cooling unit. In addition to safer HVAC operation, professional maintenance prolongs your system’s lifespan and keeps it operating more efficiently, which means it won’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable indoor air. With professional maintenance, you’ll likely see lower monthly heating and cooling bills. An energy-efficient HVAC also reduces your carbon footprint.

Your heating and cooling system is probably the most expensive appliance in your home. Keeping it running efficiently with timely HVAC maintenance and service is just good sense.

Country Air HVAC Maintenance

You should have your own HVAC home maintenance schedule that includes changing filters and keeping floor register covers clean and unblocked. Every maintenance visit includes checking your thermostat batteries and replacing them if needed. Other checks and inspections we do during professional HVAC maintenance visits are customized for your home and its type of heating and cooling system.

Our maintenance services are recognized as industry best. In fact, your Country Air maintenance service will include at least 82 checkpoints.

Air conditioning systems

AC systems are necessary for Texans. Our quality of life and health depend on efficient air conditioning, almost year-round. AC maintenance includes:

  • Compressor
  • Compressor capacitor
  • Condensate drain/drain pan
  • Condenser motor/motor shaft
  • Discharge pressure
  • Drain lines
  • Evaporator coil
  • Fan capacitor
  • Freon superheat
  • Indoor coil
  • Line set/outdoor-indoor
  • Outdoor coil
    • Cleanliness
    • Shrubbery/debris
    • Signs of leak
  • Pan float switch
  • Reversing valve
  • Start capacitor
  • Voltage testing

Electric heating systems

Electric heaters have manufacturer guidelines for voltage and temperature rise. We check your electric unit’s voltage, amps, and temperature rise to ensure its performance is within range.

Gas heating systems

Gas burners should be removed and cleaned every fall, and this should be done by a professional. Other components that must be inspected and cleaned are:

  • Air filter
    • Media filter
  • Bearings/belts
  • Blower motor/motor shaft
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Combustion air supply
  • Comfort level
  • Electrical connections
  • Fan
  • Flue pipe
  • Gas line
  • Heat exchanger
  • Ignition/pilot light
  • Manufacturer identification
  • Motors
  • On/off & performance testing
  • Supply blower
    • Blower alignment/assembly/motor
    • Capacitor
    • Fan rotation
    • Motor shaft
    • Signs of burn marks
  • Thermocouple sensor
  • Thermostat calibration/safety controls

Visual ductwork inspection

If your HVAC unit is the heart of your heating and cooling system, the ducts are the arteries. You certainly don’t want dirty or clogged arteries (or ductwork). There are clues that can indicate ductwork problems. Your Country Air HVAC professional will visually examine ductwork to ensure it appears clean, properly sealed, and is hanging correctly. We check to see if you have sufficient return air (RA) flow.

Other equipment

Your maintenance visit may include IAQ (indoor air quality) equipment discussion. If you have an electronic/UV air cleaner, we’ll ask if manufacturer guidelines are being followed for operation and maintenance. If you suspect mold or bacteria in your air ducts, we may recommend duct cleaning, air scrubbing, or antimicrobial fogging.

Post-Maintenance Recommendations

Our technician will discuss maintenance visit findings and a written report will also be provided. If you are not a member of our Comfort Club Family Plan and would like more information, we’ll share the benefits and follow-up with additional information.

Hopefully there will be no issues discovered during scheduled maintenance. If there is a problem, a service call may be recommended.

Country Air HVAC Service

HVAC service calls are repair-or-replacement specific. If you need a part repaired or replaced, the service will be scheduled after the part has been ordered and is ready.

Before your service call, we’ll review your heating and cooling system history and maintenance records if possible. We’ll make notes about how and why the problem occurred and set aside special tools that may be needed. We will also explore every option that might lower your costs without compromising safety.

Your Country Air HVAC pro will send text/email/phone reminders prior to the visit. The day of service, he or she will arrive promptly. During the service call, we may take before-and-after photos or document other areas that could be improved.

Following your HVAC service, we will clean our work area, leaving it just as we found it. We’ll follow-up to ensure your HVAC service resolves the problem.

Tomball and Magnolia homeowners want the best service at the best prices. That’s why they choose Country Air HVAC maintenance and service. To learn more, call 281-356-8564, or contact Country Air.


Never be afraid to ask questions about HVAC maintenance and service. Two of the frequently asked questions we receive include:

Personal comfort is the deciding factor, but if your family members are having thermostat wars, go with 68° in winter and 78° in summer. (You may want to consider switching to a ductless mini-split system.)

Your home and lifestyle are unique. How often you need air duct cleaning depends on your home’s number of smokers, 4-legged family members, or health-challenged loved ones. But because we live in Southeast Texas, we deal with more-than-average humidity issues like mold and under-construction issues, like dust. For this area, duct cleaning every 3-5 years is about average.

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