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How To Fix A Heater That Is Blowing Cold Air

Usually Houstonians are ready for spring to arrive by the time February comes. We just don’t function very well in cold weather! However, it looks as though we may have six more weeks of winter weather on the way according to Punxsutawney Phil, who saw his shadow on February 2nd. If that is the case, we’ll be depending on our heaters to be fired up and keeping us nice and cozy. If you go to turn your heater on and notice that only cold air is coming out, that’s going to be a problem!

At Country Air, our goal is to keep our customers comfortable in their homes. We are always available to help with heater repair or replacement or maintenance checks that may occur when the temps are cold. Here are a few tips to consider if your heater is not doing its job or call us to speak to a Comfort Specialist at any time. 

Replace Your Air Filter

This one seems like a no brainer, but if it has been 90 days or more since your air filter was replaced, it is likely clogged with too much dirt, dust and dander to work properly. A clogged filter can put extra strain on your heater and limit its ability to move warm air throughout your home, especially if you heater is older.

Double Check Your Thermostat

First of all, make sure your thermostat is actually set on heat. Living in Houston often means we are switching between our air conditioning system and our heating system sometimes several times within the same week so it can be easy to forget what setting your thermostat was last set to. If it is set to heat and your air filter has recently been changed out, it could be that your thermometer is defective or is not set properly. Make sure to check the following:

  • If your thermostat is battery operated, check to see if the batteries need to be changed.
  • Look to see if your thermostat’s fan setting is set to “on”. When the fan is set to “on” the system is being told to keep air flowing throughout your home nonstop. Your heater can’t continually pump out warm air, so it needs to be set to “auto” instead. 

Contact Country Air for Heater Repair

If your heater still isn’t functioning properly after trying the above tricks, it might be time to call a heating professional to come take a look. At Country Air our Certified Technicians are available 24/7 to help with heating repairs or replacement. Give us a call today at 281-356-8564.

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