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How Can Buying a New HVAC Save You Money?

What’s the most expensive appliance in your home? Unless you have a Meneghini Arredamenti refrigerator (retail $41,000), your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system is probably your most expensive appliance. In Texas, it’s likely your most beloved, too.

No one buys a new HVAC unless they have to…or do they?

Montgomery County-area homeowners in cities like Magnolia are proactive about energy conservation, clean air, and saving money. The advantages of investing in a new HVAC are all that and more.

6 Ways a New HVAC Saves Money

ROI (return on investment) for a new Montgomery County HVAC installation is about 60%, according to Angi. That means you’ll recover a very large percentage of your investment.

Here are six ways a new HVAC will save you money:

  1. Fewer repairs – Our HVAC professionals can explain if it’s more cost effective to replace, not repair, your older HVAC system. But no matter how old it is, if you’re spending too much on repairs, it’s time to cut your losses and invest in a new HVAC unit.
  2. Improves indoor air quality – In addition to Energy Star Home Upgrade Program tax credits, homeowners can take advantage of Residential Clean Energy This is another 30% income tax credit for clean-energy systems like solar-powered systems and geothermal heat pumps. (Be sure to ask your tax professional about these and other tax credits.)
  3. Increases property value – “While curb appeal can pull buyers in before they set foot inside the house, it’s what inside that matters more,” says Realty Times. “Properties with energy-efficient AC or smart technology will command higher prices.” Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, your new HVAC will increase your property value by as much as 7%.
  4. Lowers this year’s taxes – Beginning in 2023 and continuing through 2032, homeowners can apply for federal tax credits up to $3,200 for attic insulation upgrades and when purchasing a new, energy-efficient HVAC system in Conroe or nearby communities. This includes:
    • Central air
    • Ductless mini-splits
    • Geothermal heat pumps
  5. Reduces monthly bills – The newer energy-efficient HVAC systems reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs by 30%. That means your $200/month bill can drop to $140/month.
  6. Saves on medical expenses – If your HVAC is 10+ years old, you’ve likely noticed an increase in your family’s use of antihistamines and allergy-related medicines. You may seem to have more frequent headaches and respiratory illnesses than usual. Families with infants, elderly, or health-challenged loved ones should take IAQ (indoor air quality) very seriously. Airflow and poor IAQ can be substantially improved with a new HVAC system.

Signs You Need A New HVAC System

With twice-a-year HVAC maintenance, your Southeast Texas heating and cooling system will serve you longer and better. Most common-sense Texans believe “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There are several signs your HVAC system has problems and some of them can be fixed.

  • Age (10+ years)
  • Air isn’t cool enough (or warm enough)
  • Erratic run times – Starts up and shuts down too often
  • Frequent repairs
  • Humidity issues
  • Low or no airflow
  • More dust than usual
  • Need to adjust the thermostat frequently
  • Noises – You hear noise right before the AC starts up or you hear humming/buzzing, bangs, or “groans”
  • Odd smells – Gassy, moldy, musty, or “rotten eggs”
  • Burning electrical wires (Turn your unit off immediately.)
  • Some rooms too hot; some rooms too cold
  • Sudden increase in monthly bills – Your utility bill spikes for no reason

Why Choose Country Air?

If repair is an option, we’ll strive to quickly and effectively fix your HVAC problems. But if you need a new HVAC, we’ll partner with you for an affordable solution that works best for your home and lifestyle. We know you have choices, and we want to be the best HVAC service provider in Magnolia.

  • Independent internet reviews are what smart homeowners research. We consistently receive 5-star reviews.
  • Our professional technicians are trained in HVAC industry-best practices for repair and replacement.
  • We guarantee our work and we’ll leave our work area as clean as we found it.
  • We take pride in our company. That means we’ll respect your home and property too.
  • You can usually trust word of mouth recommendations. Because we’ve been here over 45 years, you’ll find plenty of neighbors that rely on our company.

Maybe the main reason to choose Country Air is that we’re invested in our community. We’ll be here when you need us because we’re invested in you. Find out more about our home HVAC solutions.

Call 281-356-8564 or contact Country Air.

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