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Yearly Homeowner Maintenance Checklist

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. Following through with routine home maintenance will help extend your home’s life and keep its value high. Keep this list handy and refer to it throughout the year to keep your home in tip top shape.

Country Air is here to help with any HVAC needs you may have throughout the year! We can help with any services on this list in bold. Joining our affordable Comfort Club Maintenance Plan will cover your yearly HVAC maintenance needs. Call us at 281-356-8564 or click here to sign-up today . 


  • Change A/C filters 


  • A/C maintenance check-up (Recommended done by a professional like Country Air).
  • Pour Bleach into the A/C unit bleach lines.
  • Change HEPA/media filters in the A/C Units.
  • Purge TPR valve on water heater.
  • Drain off sediment from hot water tank.
  • Clean your dryer vent lines. Call a professional like Country Air to help.
  • Have your air ducts cleaned throughout your home if it has been 5 years or more since the last cleaning. Call a professional like Country Air to help.
  • Clean gutters; install gutter shields in problematic areas.
  • Inspect roof for damaged shingles.
  • Check flashing, and re-seal as needed.
  • Re-nail any loose siding or trim boards.
  • Check house and garage for any rotting wood, and repair as needed.
  • Check porch flooring, and repair as needed.
  • Check and replace any bad caulking around windows, doors, siding joints, etc.
  • Clean windows and their frames and screens.
  • Check caulk or seal between house and drive, and repair as needed.
  • Lubricate garage door tracks.
  • Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs. (Wait until spring-flowering shrubs have finished blooming.)
  • Clean flower beds out around the house.


  • Scrape, prime, and paint any areas on house or garage that are in need, especially any bare wood. (Note: Observe precautions for reducing exposure to lead-based paint.)
  • Wash exterior of home and do any paint touch ups as needed.
  • Look for visible signs of carpenter ants, termites, or any other destructive insects.
  • Check all flat roofs, and recoat or seal as needed, especially flashing.
  • Check for mortar that needs repair (including chimney mortar and inside fireplace,) and tuckpoint or repair as needed.
  • Check concrete drive, sidewalks, patios, and landings for condition and level; patch cracks, level, and/or replace, as needed.
  • Clean carpets and wax tile and hardwood floors.


  • Have furnace checked and tuned up by a professional like Country Air.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Pour Bleach into the A/C unit bleach lines.
  • Change HEPA/media filters in the A/C Units.
  • Patch and seal driveway (asphalt or concrete), and concrete steps/ landings.
  • Check tuckpointing on all brick areas, then seal masonry with a silicone sealant.
  • Check weatherstripping on all doors and windows, and repair as needed.
  • Check all areas that need to be caulked, and repair as needed.
  • Make sure all garage floor or driveway drains are flowing properly.
  • Clear gutters of leaves, check for leaks, and repair as needed.
  • Clean and reseal decks, fences, or other structures made of pressure-treated wood.
  • Lubricate garage door tracks.
  • Prune bushes, trees, and shrubs (except spring-flowering shrubs.)
  • Have chimney cleaned (yearly, if wood burning; every 5 years if just for gas appliances.)
  • Check damper in fireplace for obstructions, such as birds’ nests.
  • Drain off sediment from hot water tank.


  • Winterize sprinklers before first freeze.
  • Change furnace filters monthly.
  • Repair any interior wall damage; touch up or repaint as needed.
  • Check and re-grout tile in all bath and kitchen areas, as needed, and apply a silicone sealer.
  • Check fire extinguishers.
  • Develop plan for next year’s home improvements. 

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